ARCHIVE / p1 / p2 / 2011
Posted 23 March, 2011

images of final bamboo objects:

bamboo concrete created by grinding husks and passing through a sieve to use as a sand substitute in a concrete mix. mixed 1 part cement with 4 parts bamboo, with water to get the the usual consistency. slightly weird texture, and despite mixing for 30 mins couldn’t get it perfectly even. brittle, but very light. responded okay to casting, depended on how well mixed it was though — some edges held much better than others.

bamboo lamp created by crushing and splitting bamboo in such a way as to make it hold an incandescent bulb. nodes were removed with a piece of piano wire in an air tool, making lengths up to two metres possible. chose it as a cheap and renerable housing that does now stand out from the surrounding greenery. utilizes tensile strength to keep the lamp upright at all times.

bamboo table was laser cut from bamboo ply. form is taken from one of the earlier experiments where crushed bamboo was stretched laterally. showcases bamboo as a renewable substitute for wood — it is not identifiable unless you look closely and can see the nodes where a wood would have knots.